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7 Ways to Prevent Costly Repairs to Your Dishwasher

Dishwasher technicians are helpful, but you don’t want to call one unless you must. Dishwasher repairs can be expensive, and there are things you can do to extend your dishwasher’s lifespan. Proper use and regular cleaning, paired with dishwasher maintenance, go a long way.

1. Clean Your Dishwasher Filter Often

Debris in your dishwasher can build up, separate the seal and cause odd odors. The owner’s manual will explain what type of filter your dishwasher has, and it should only take a few minutes a month to clean. The filter is usually on the floor of your appliance below the lower spray arm, and you need to cleanse it to keep your dishwasher running.

2. Reduce Debris Buildup With Vinegar

Debris builds up over time in a dishwasher, but you can clean it with white vinegar to keep things running. The vinegar in a container inside your dishwasher on a hot water cycle will clean out your system. The vinegar will remove food debris and detergent scum while disinfecting the appliance.

3. Load Your Dishes Right

Your dishwasher can clean better when the dishes are placed properly in the racks. Fragile items are for lighter cycles, and big items do best in heavy cycles. Don’t overload your racks and cause stress on your dishwasher or leave globs of grease on dishes.

4. Check the Spinning Arms

The spinning arms spray hot water on your dishes during cleaning, but the holes where the water comes out may clog. Debris blockages can prevent the spinning arms from fully cleaning. Use a toothbrush to clear any debris on the spinning arms to ensure your dishes are washed clean.

5. Don’t Use Your Dishwasher Too Much or Too Little

Your dishwasher will last about a decade, but running more than five cycles a week lowers its lifespan. Using your dishwasher a few times a week can allow your appliance to work as long as possible. Too few cycles a week can also lower your dishwasher’s lifespan because you may overload dishes and add stress to every cycle.

6. Check Your Dishwasher Gasket

You may need to replace the gasket on the dishwasher door, which loosens from use over time. The gasket prevents water from leaking onto your floor, but residue buildup can pull up the rubber seal. Clean your gasket every month to extend the lifespan of the seal.

7. Clear Your Garbage Disposal

Many garbage disposals and dishwashers use the same drain, and a clog can cause issues with both. Turn your garbage disposal off, and clean the drain to prevent a blockage while using your dishwasher. The drain should be clear before your dishwasher enters the draining part of its cycle.

Dishwasher repair is sometimes necessary, but there are ways to keep them to a minimum. Tunning your dishwasher properly will lower the appliance’s stress, prolonging its lifespan.

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