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6 Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Appliances This Fall

Maintaining your appliances regularly eliminates the need to spend several hours repairing and replacing damaged parts. It also helps extend the lifespan of these appliances. This fall, follow the simple steps listed below to keep all your appliances in great condition.

1. Keep the Lint Trap of Your Dryer Clean

Keeping the lint trap of your dyer clean helps improve efficiency, which, in turn, reduces electric bills. You’ll also enjoy more convenience when the dryer does a good job every time. Also, remember to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions to keep the appliance in tip-top condition.

2. Wash Your Washer

You may not have thought of washing your washing machine, but this is important to keep it in good condition. After running a cycle on the hottest setting, add white vinegar to the tub or liquid dispenser — 2 cups for a front-loading machine or 1 quart for a top loader. Then run another hot wash cycle.

You also need to inspect the detergent drawer. If you notice that it is caked with residue, be sure to pull it out and give it a proper cleaning.

3. Change the Filter of Your Air Conditioner

It is not just the dryers that need their filters changed; air conditioners also work best with new filters. The best times to change the AC filters are during fall and spring. To keep your AC in peak condition, change the filters at least twice a year.

4. Check for Leaks

A good number of appliances rely on your home’s plumbing system to do their job. These include the washing machine and dishwasher. We recommend that you check these appliances for leaks on a regular basis, in the fall and every other season. This way, you can spot small leaks before they grow and cause big trouble.

5. Don’t Overload the Clothes Dryer and Washing Machine

While overloading your appliances can help save time, we discourage it because it puts a strain on the motors and other parts of your appliances. For instance, the dryer and washer are likely to break and malfunction if overloaded. This can lead to costly repairs and replacement of damaged parts.

6. Clean Up Spills ASAP

Food spills may seem a minor inconvenience at first, but when not handled right away, they can quickly turn into a major issue. That is why you should get rid of any spills in your refrigerator, oven, or stove. Spills in the refrigerator can encourage mold to grow and spread throughout the unit, thereby leading to costly repairs.

Fall is one of the best periods to maintain your appliances. It’s the ideal time to check for leaks, clean your washer, and replace the filters of your AC and dryer. If you are in Grand Prairie, TX and looking for professional washer and dryer repair services, contact our team at The Good Fix Appliance Repair today.